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The Odds of Winning

Playing Texas Hold’em

The Texas Hold'em Poker table seats a total of 10 players and a dealer from "the house" (the Casino). Prior to any dealing of playing cards, two players at the table must place a blind wager.

Each player on the table in the game will be required to take turns in placing such a wager(s) at the start of a hand.

Play begins with each player begin handed with two cards face down (hole cards). This is followed by the commencement of betting.

After the completion of the first round of betting, the dealer deals three "community cards" and exposes them at the same time. This is known as the "flop".

A further betting round will take place after which the dealer will deal a fourth community card that is face up (the turn). The third round of betting will begin. Play will carry on in this fashion until the dealing of the fifth community card (the river). One final betting round will take place or until only one player remains.

The winner is the player left with the highest-ranking five-card poker hand (see ranking hands) consisting of any combination of the player's two hole cards and/or the five community cards.

During the entire game players may fold, call, call and raise, or check in turn and in accordance's to the appropriate rules. Those players who do not have enough table stake to remain in the game may go "all in".

If you have problems understanding these actions, it is described in more detail in the glossary of terms section.


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